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5 Tips To Buy Best ebook Reader App For Windows

junio 21, 2019

The eReader or electronic books broke into the publishing market like a whirlwind only a few years ago. Since then, they have become one of the star gifts for Christmas and other occasions and events. If you want to buy an best ebook reader app for windows for gifts and for yourself, take note of what you have to take into account when choosing the most appropriate model.

While there are people who believe they can replace an eReader with the mobile or the tablet, the fact is that they are wrong: the characteristics of the electronic ink screen of the eReaders are much more favorable for reading than LCD or OLED panels. smartphones and tablets.

And, to read a book, it is unquestionable that electronic ink is the only technology capable of emulating – saving distances – the sensations of a page of paper.

How does electronic ink work?

Although it may seem like a recent technology, the operation of the electronic ink  of an eReader is not far from that of one of our childhood toys, the famous Telesketch .

An electronic ink screen consists of millions of transparent microcapsules with a colorless fluid inside which float tiny negatively charged black particles and white particles with a positive charge .

To draw the text, the microcapsules are subjected to electric fields opposed by the top and bottom that, depending on their polarity, will cause some black or white particles to be attracted to the surface, «coloring» the pixel or not.

Basic functions

The electronic ink (eInk) does not emit light, but reflects what is in the environment, as does a conventional paper.

The eReaders use this type of screens eInk , along with an internal storage system or via SD or microSD memory and an operating system, usually based on Linux, which allows implementing a user interface to manage e-books in the device.

Tips for buying Best ebook Reader App For Windows

The eReaders are equipped with a touch screen that allows controlling all the functions of the device, and in many cases, they have WiFi or 3G / 4G connectivity to download the contents without connecting the electronic book to the computer.

Audio is another element that can be found in these devices -although it is not common to all models-, whether to listen to audiobooks, music or even record audio.


The autonomy of the battery is undoubtedly one of the great strengths of an eReader . In contrast to the duration offered by mobile phones and tablets,  in general the autonomy of electronic books is substantially longer , since even with heavy use it is not necessary to charge the device in several days . With an average reading of one hour per day, the battery of an eReader can last up to 4 weeks , a figure that can be increased if we keep wireless connectivity off.

The reason for this long-term autonomy is due to the fact that an eReaders only consumes energy – apart from the models with integrated light – when it comes to redrawing pages and menus. With the page seen, the energy consumption is totally residual .

eReaders with integrated lighting

The best cheap ebook reader are in battle with smartphones and tablets to get positioned as digital reading device.

To stay in the battle, the latest generation eReaders combine electronic ink with an integrated lighting system to iron out some of the differences with their OLED or LCD screen rivals.

Best ebook Reader App For Windows

Tips for buying an best ebook reader app or ebook reader:

To maintain the advantage in terms of fatigue and visual fatigue in front of the OLED and LCD panels, the manufacturers have devised indirect backlighting systems that, by using LED lights in the margins of the screen and reflectors, distribute the light homogeneously by the entire surface.

While the screen of a mobile phone or a tablet projects the light directly into the eyes -which causes visual fatigue-, in the backlit eReaders the light is distributed across the screen so that it does not directly impact our view , which allows We can read for long periods of time without noticing eye strain as with the screens of smartphones and tablets.

Contrary to what one might think, the benefits of a lighting system in an electronic ink device go far beyond the possibility of reading in the dark or in low light .

In fact, the benefits of integrated light in the Best Ebook Reader App For Windows are more evident outdoors with a lot of light than in the dark, since it facilitates reading and allows a better reading experience.

With these eReaders it is possible, for example, to read on the beach or pool in full sunlight, since the backlight system manages to mitigate in a very efficient way the brightness caused by the sun. The effect is similar to raising the brightness of an LCD screen on a tablet or smartphone but with better results.


In the Best Ebook Reader App For Windows, the 6 inches is the star size and would be equivalent – more or less – to the page size of a paperback. However, we also find models with a larger panel, although it is not usual for them to exceed 7 inches.

The resolution in electronic books is measured in dpi. In the economical versions, it is usually around 170 ppp (for example, Amazon’s standard Kindle has 167 ppi), while the most advanced versions offer 300 ppi (such as the Kindle Paperwhite or the Kindle Oasis).

Functions and file types

Although epub is the king, it is always important that our eReader is able to adapt to the largest possible number of eBook formats , such as: doc, mobi, pdf, htm or txt.

Important to note the case of Amazon Kindle which is the best ebook reader app android , not compatible with epub , which is solved by resorting to solutions to convert files to Mobi format compatible with Kindle .

Other valuable aspects are the number and font sizes available, the possibility of rotating the screen for horizontal reading, the presence of dictionaries or the possibility of creating and sharing annotations.

Tips for use and purchase

  • The experience of use is fundamental for The slowness of the interface is a problem in some models and can be exasperating. Check the speed in the page step and navigation through the menus. A good test is to perform a search within a text and see how long it takes to locate it.
  • In eReaders with lighting to improve the reading experience, the intensity of the light must be directly proportional to the amount of outside light. That is, the greater the more intense the ambient light is, and vice versa.
  • Although they are capable of reproducing it, the visualization of PDFs is not the strong point of the eReaders, especially if they are complex.
  • The illumination must be uniform throughout the screen and a greater number of degrees of intensity allows better control of the lighting.
  • The eReaders with WiFi connection allow downloading books without connecting the eReader to the computer.
  • Do not get obsessed with the capacity of internal memory, eBooks take up very little, 2GB is more than enough. In addition, you have to have the cloud if the eReader incorporates WiFi or 3G / 4G. What does not mean that the presence of slot cards is very valuable
  • The compatibility with e-book formats is an important variable, validating that the eReader is compatible with as many as possible.
  • Check the refreshing capacity of the screen of the best ebook reader app for Android. When displaying the same text or image for a long time this is usually marked in the background when changing pages. The intensity with which it is stamped and the ability to eliminate this effect marks the quality difference between eReaders.