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New Kindle Oasis

Why Should Readers Buy the New Kindle Oasis?

For reading addicts, the arrival of e-readers (or digital books) was a marvel. Despite the resilience of some readers who still prefer the traditional paperback book, The new kindle Oasis e-readers have come to stay and are growing more and more.

One of the great advantages of e-readers is the gain of space and especially the possibility of owning a gigantic library available in your hands. If you’re on the beach for example and finish reading that book, no problem at all! Just plug your e-reader into any wi-fi network and download a new book. Or rather, leave the next books you want to read already downloaded on the device.

Anyway, the advantages of an e-reader are countless (who has one, knows this).

One of the main pioneers of e-readers was Amazon, which took digital reading to another level with the Kindle Oasis.

In recent years, Amazon has been improving and releasing several new versions of Kindle. This May, 2016, we were awarded the new Kindle Oasis, the most modern of all kindles on the market today. But after all, is it worth getting one or perhaps upgrading to those who already have other versions of the player?  And here the solution of many ebook readers, why we should buy new Kindle Oasis?


The Kindle Oasis came full of news for the reading fanatics. Despite subtle upgrades over previous versions, these are welcome modifications that make the player even more successful than it already was. Let’s go to the details!

Quality of construction

The new Kindle Oasis specs is thinner (exact 3.5mm) and lighter (131 grams with the cover) than ever before. When we look at the new structure of the reader, the first impression is that the screen is smaller, but it’s just an impression! Its new square format (and no longer rectangular) was developed in this way to improve the footprint at the time of reading and its screen remained with the same 6 inches used in Kindle paperwhite and Voyage.

Overall, there was an improvement in the materials used in the new Amazon reader. We were able to observe a better quality plastic, apparently more resistant to fat from the hands and also to scratches.

Despite this, unfortunately there are no certifications of water or dust resistance, which was expected as a possible upgrade in this new version. It is not something that is indispensable for a digital reader, but considering that we often take kindle to places not so “safe” (like beach and pool), it would not be bad!

Cover and Battery

One of the main novelties of the Kindle Oasis features  is its protective cover, which is also a dockable battery. Extremely simple to use (just fit or undock by means of a magnet on the connectors), the new external battery delivers up to two months (with the Wi-Fi off) reading away from the charger. It is a huge leap from previous versions (paperwhite for example) that delivered in the range of 30 continuous days (which was already very respectable!).

The comfort in reading the Kindle Oasis .

According to Jeff Bezos (owner of Amazon and creator of the Kindle), the purpose of the Kindle since its early versions, has always been to become an “invisible” gadget while reading. That is, the main focus should be on reading, not the digital reader.

I can say without a doubt that the Kindle Oasis features does this very well. Its lightness and ease of use allow you to focus on the most important: what you are reading.

When detached from the back cover, on the back, the Kindle Oasis has a type of “loin”, where one half is thinner than the other. This little detail was applied by Amazon with the goal of improving the center of gravity of the reader, making it more like a real book. And did not they hit it right? This small detail brings a much greater comfort compared to the old versions. And whether you are right handed or left handed, the best buy kindle oasis can be read in either hand, as it has an internal gyroscope that adapts the screen automatically to the handshake movement.

Another very welcome detail is the new physical buttons for swapping pages while reading (they can be reversed at any time as you need them). Although the Kindle Oasis accepts the touch directly on the screen for page exchange, the physical buttons are much more practical as they speed up reading and decrease the distractions of the finger on the screen. Something that may seem silly, but it does make a beautiful difference!


In the latest Kindle Oasis Sale, new screen (with 60% more LEDs than the version of Paperwhite) brings a more distributed illumination and a whiter “white” compared to previous versions. It is not something glaring, but easily noticeable. Due to the greater number of LEDs, its lighting is also stronger, which becomes an advantage for the most adverse light situations.

One of the biggest advantages I notice in Kindle Oasis lighting (and its predecessors) is the fact that light is not sent directly into the reader’s eyes (like tablets and cell phones for example), but rather to the Kindle screen , which makes the reading much more enjoyable and natural (and best, without hurting your eyes).

Using the same E-ink technology and a 300ppi resolution (the same screen specifications as the Paperwhite and Voyage versions), it was not this time that the Kindle won a color screen or a larger screen resolution. In spite of this, this resolution is more than enough so that the human eye can not discern any pixel between the writings. In short, the screen fits your purpose very well.

Is he faster?

With a new processor (which Amazon has not revealed many details), the new Kindle Oasis is faster and more fluid. Switching pages, as well as writing and browsing the Kindle system, were considerably more agile and without the slight delays that could be perceived in Paperwhite. So the Best Buy Kindle Oasis is latest trend.

According to Amazon, the Kindle Oasis is prepared for the new operating system that will be released soon.

new kindle oasis

Worth what it costs?

One of the biggest controversies regarding buying Kindle Oasis in Brazil has been about its price. Costing the impressive $ 1,399 (one thousand, three hundred and ninety-nine reais) wifi version (wifi + 3G is not yet available in Brazil), it is difficult to understand why a digital reader cost so dearly. In relation to its closest predecessors (Kindle Paperwhite – R $ 479 and Kindle Voyage R $ 899), the price jump was quite big, something that surprised the Brazilian public.

In the United States, we find kindle oasis sale for USD 289 (wifi version) and USD 359 (wifi + 3G version). Although much cheaper than the Brazilian price, it is still considered expensive for the American market.

Many people have asked me if it’s worth spending so much money on a digital reader, especially those who already have the previous versions of Kindle.

The truth is that Kindle Oasis is rather the best digital reader ever released by Amazon and probably the best currently in the e-reader market.

For those addicted to reading and with a buck available, without doubt is the best option. For the current Kindles owners of past generations, surely the difference to the new Kindle Oasis will be felt and appreciated.

Still, it’s hard to justify such a huge expense for those more casual readers who are already satisfied with their e-readers, or even thinking about getting a new one and entering into this digital world of reading. The Kindle Paperwhite for example is an exceptional reader and costs twice as much as the current Amazon launch … a welcome economy for those who do not have the money left over in the box.


Despite the subtle differences between previous generations, this was the biggest upgrade ever made by Amazon in the Kindle family. Faster, more ergonomic, with better illumination and processing power, not to mention the absurd battery life. Without a doubt, the new kindle oasis will surpass all the expectations of the most demanding readers and bring the best possible reading experience in the current market.