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Amazon New Kindle Oasis

junio 21, 2019

In the Kindle Oasis, there are three ways to change pages: tap on the side of the page, swipe left or right, or use one of the physical buttons on the side of the screen. Everyone will use the one that seems most natural to him according to his reading position.

With the Amazon Kindle Oasis Reader, you can access the publisher’s library directly online and download books via Wi-Fi (or 3G). Note that the reader is also compatible with Bluetooth. This feature allows you to connect the device to a compatible headset to enjoy playing audio books.

The downloaded books are available on a homepage.

Once the reading has begun, you can adjust some details of it and more particularly the visual comfort. Indeed, the advantage with a reader is that we can customize the display and Amazon offers, as such, particularly relevant parameters.

With the new Kindle Oasis, you can now choose between 5 levels of bold text. 14 different character sizes are also available to fit all views and finally, note that it is also possible to invert the contrast of the display to have a clear text on a black background. In other words, it is possible that other readers also benefit from these features via a software update.

kindle oasis

A dictionary is immediately available as soon as you select a word or phrase within the text. A Wikipedia module is also proposed as well as a translation which also proves that the best buy Kindle Oasis is a super gadget and user-friendly.

The time can be displayed during playback. Simply activate the option in the device settings.

The device is linked to an Amazon account. It uses a proprietary operating system but the storage space is easily accessible on Windows. Just connect the e-reader to one of the USB ports of a computer to be able to exploit the memory that the manufacturer was willing to leave. It is therefore very easy to copy files.

The device supports many formats of Kindle Format 8 (AZW3), Kindle (AZW), TXT, PDF, unprotected MOBI, native PRC; HTML, DOC, DOCX, JPEG, GIF, PNG and converted BMP. Still not compatible with the ePub format, claimed by many users. Otherwise, it is, of course, possible to display classic books and comic strips and, in the latter case, to browse by boxes.

By touching the top of the screen , we display the options including the possibility to return to the home menu, access certain parameters (airplane mode, Bluetooth, synchronization, backlight level, automatic brightness), the shop, to a search field and the ability to create a collection. Also, note that the Goodreads function is available.

It is a network of readers which makes it possible in particular to obtain recommendations according to the tastes of the user. A parental control module blocks access to the Web, the store, the Cloud and the Goodreads function.

In the Amazon kindle oasis sale, it embeds a battery with a capacity of 1000 mAh against 1290 mAh for the previous version. However, according to Amazon, it could offer up to 6 weeks of autonomy with a single charge for 1 hour per day. We do not yet have this decline at the time of writing its lines but can still extrapolate the autonomy that seems actually close enough to what the manufacturer announced.

Of course, the results may vary depending on the connections used (Wi-Fi and Bluetooth) and the level of lighting produced by the device. In any case, rest assured, you will have no problem if you take it on a weekend or vacation for one or two weeks. As such, note that on the Amazon Kindle Oasis Sale, it delivers only the cable (USB to micro USB) ignoring the charger.