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Best eBook Reader App For PC – New Way To Explore Knowledge

During the last decade, the way we read books has changed. These exist beyond the paper and, often, we devour them in readers of electronic books and tablets that allow to review and have in a same device as many titles as you want. Although the tablets do not stop being updated, the readers of eBooks are better to read in several senses. Most use E Ink technology, which is much healthier for the eyes, also allowing to read under sunlight and consume very little battery. They are not all the same, of course, and there are better readers of eBooks than others.

In fact, there are a lot of e-book readers out there. Which to choose? If you are willing to spend money, Kobo Shape is best for those who use EPUB e-books , just as the Kindle Oasis is best eBook reader app for pc. To guide you, we have made a selection of the best eBooks according to categories.


Why should you buy it? Because you already have a Kindle e-book library, use your e-book reader, or simply love the WhisperSync feature. For whom it is? For that unconditional reader who has invested a lot in the Amazon ecosystem.How much? From $ 250 dollars.

Why do we choose it? The original Kindle Oasis seemed hard to beat, but the Kindle Oasis 2019 came with outstanding features. Currently it is the best Kindle available, although it is also the most expensive. What makes it so good? With a beautiful 7-inch screen, a density of 300 pixels per inch and well-placed navigation buttons, the Kindle Oasis presents a frankly excellent design.  

Although the Oasis does not stand out for its battery, the life of this one has improved and can now last up to six weeks on a single charge. Of course: this is if you are only reading half an hour a day and you are not using the backlight or Bluetooth functions, but the full charge takes approximately one hour. This type of battery life is still impressive, especially given how thin the device is. There are also built-in ambient light sensors, which adapt to your environment so you do not have to constantly adjust the screen. So we can assure that the Oasis is the best ebook reader app android.

E-books are quite light, so internal storage is usually not as important for an eBook reader as it is for a tablet or smartphone. The Kindle Oasis is the best ebook reader app for android which now offers 8 GB of storage, enough to store thousands of books. It is also possible to obtain books from the library on your Kindle. Overdrive has a simple interface that allows you to send electronic books to your Kindle through the Internet, without the need to plug it in. You can also highlight your favorite passages and share them on social networks.

As for the new features, the Kindle Oasis now  is a waterproof (highly anticipated) version with an IPX8 rating, which means that it is protected against immersion in up to 6.5 feet of fresh water. He is also the first to allow Audible audiobooks . If you have both the audiobook and the electronic book of a given title, you can easily switch between both formats.

Unfortunately, it still only accepts selected e-book formats and, as mentioned above, is expensive. In any case, it’s our favorite Kindle and the one you should buy, if you do not mind spending extra money for this innovative e-book reader.

KOBO FORM – Best eBook Reader App

Why should you buy it? Because you want a waterproof e-book reader with a large screen that supports more formats.

For whom it is? For readers who buy many books, they use EPUB eBooks, take them out of libraries or like to read near water.

How much? $ 280 dollars.

Why do we choose it? The Kobo Forma  has a huge 8-inch E Ink screen with a resolution of 300 pixels per inch (PPI). As even e-book readers emit blue light – that damn thing that can keep you awake at night – Kobo created ComfortLight Pro to minimize his exposure. When it is on, the screen acquires a warm, yellowish tone with no blue light.

The Kobo Forma is completely waterproof, with an IPX8 rating so you can read in the bathroom or on the beach. Depending on your reading preferences, you should only recharge your battery a few weeks a month. Kobo Forma can even handle a large number of e-book formats, so you can download them from Google Play, your public library or from anywhere else. The Overdrive loan for libraries is integrated into the Kobo store, so getting books from the library in your e-book reader will never be so easy. You can also add thousands of books to your Kobo Forma, thanks to an impressive 8GB storage.

You’ll still prefer the Oasis (below) if you’re too integrated into Amazon’s Kindle e-book system, but if you’re not, Kobo Forma is -objectively- the best eBook reader you can buy. It stifles blue light, supports more e-book formats, has a larger screen and brings a loan system in integrated public libraries. What more to ask?


The Best Kindle For Less Than $150

Why should you buy it? Because you have many Kindle e-books, and you want the cheapest Kindle.

For whom it is? For the person who is looking for a low cost e-book reader with all the good stuff.

How much? From $130 dollars.

Why do we choose it? After three years, finally the best eBook reader app stands with kindle paperwhite in 2019. Although it has been one of our favorite e-book readers, some minor updates to the Kindle Paperwhite make it an even better option for the average reader.

First of all, the Kindle Paperwhite offers a beautiful high resolution screen, with a density of 300 pixels per inch, the same as its predecessor. The raised bezel has been replaced by one that is flush with the screen. The change makes the new Paperwhite a bit more elegant and a little thinner. This 6-inch e-book reader is lightweight and easy to hold with one hand while reading. Unfortunately, there is no page turn button, but if you do not mind using the touch screen, it will not be terrible.

There are also some new features make Paperwhite even more attractive. For starters, the new Paperwhite has an IPX8 rating, which means you can use it in the pool or in the bathtub without worries. There’s also Bluetooth connectivity for the 2019 model, which means you can pair headphones with the Kindle and listen to your favorite Audible titles.

The Kindle Paperwhite is now  available in 8GB and 32GB storage configurations. With regard to battery life, the Paperwhite will last several weeks on a single charge. While the Paperwhite’s design may be «too» familiar, it’s still the best Kindle for most people.

Best eBook Reader App


Why should you buy it? Because you are looking for a cheap and Best eBook Reader App with HD screen, front lighting and good storage capacity.

For whom it is? For the reader who enjoys buying media in multiple formats.

How much? $ 130 dollars.

Why do we choose it? While Kindle may be the best-known brand of eBook readers, it is not the only one that makes them. In fact, Kobo e-book readers have been around for almost a decade and have become a cult favorite among serious readers.

The Kobo Clara HD has a beautiful 300 PPI screen and 8 GB of storage, plus a battery is large enough to read about a month with a single charge. It also offers an innovative lighting function called ComfortLight Pro that uses red and orange LEDs to illuminate the screen without the need for blue light.
So, why should you opt for an electronic book reader other than Kindle? The main reason is that Kobo is also the best eBook reader app for windows which supports many more formats than Kindle, which gives you the freedom to buy your eBook directly from the publisher, as well as from dozens of other retailers.